Day Twelve, continued!

Monday evening–dinner. Prices are about 8-10 $ a plate.

7 pm. April 8.

The boss has spoken.

Hope to see you all at Station 22.

Let me know if you can come.

Be prepared to read your first page or two.



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6 responses to “Day Twelve, continued!

  1. Amy

    Grrr– I’m helping with a library program on Caldecott, Newbery and other award winning books at that exact time.

  2. I’m planning on coming. If I can just make my goal! 2,000 words to go.

  3. sueburton

    You said prices are $8-10 per plate. We get to choose what we want to eat though, right? I’m just asking because I’m gluten-free, so I have “special dietary restrictions.” As long as the menu isn’t pre-determined, I should easily find something I can eat.

  4. Damn it. I want to come sooooo bad. Downtown Provo is so far from my home. Sad face. Have fun, though.


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