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Something for You to Do (Because We All Know You Aren’t Busy Enough)

Three things about me and yesterday:

1. Last night I washed my hands right before bed.

Then I went to take out my contact lens and found–when it was too late–that I had left a large blob of soap on my fingertip. That blob of soap went into my eye. There was so much, no lie, that it foamed up as I blinked and tried to wash the stuff out.

Today I have a bit of a handicap. Won’t be able to see to drive. Eye nearly shut. Sort of alligator looking.

2. Still no house. I am almost numb now. What are we to do?

3. I am reading (started yesterday) John M. Cusick’s funny YA novel CHERRY MONEY BABY. Quite enjoying myself. ūüôā


But on to writing!

Over the next week, take these five starts and write–one per day.

Spend no more than 15 minutes per (unless you get excited and want to write longer).

Write to explore the idea. Use sense of place. Use strong dialog.¬† Pretend like each of these books is a new start for you. Don’t use up your own novel writing time, but¬† give yourself an extra fifteen minutes, each day, to play with us.

Next week, we will share.

There is no particular order. By the end of the week, though, you want to have worked on all these starts. They may be first lines for you, they may be in the middle of the 15 minutes, they may be the end. Doesn’t matter. You decide.

Here goes!


# When Maddy stepped out her front door, she saw right away that things had gone wrong with the world.

# Poppy spit a stream of tobacco juice, catching a little in his beard.

“Charlotte,” he said, “You and me got some talking to do.”


In the background of my mind, somewhere deep in the anger, I heard my name.

“Mark! Stop it!”

Her voice was louder. More clear. And I was more aware of the pain. Pain everywhere.

#Why did he always, always, take dares?

# Where was Bella? I glanced at the clock and my heart pounded with the clicking second hand. If she didn’t get here quick . . .

What was it with these  unionized fairy godmothers? They worked in shifts or not at all, took long breaks and refused to give a princess what she wanted.


Happy writing. Have fun. Play. Just as bed-ridden, amazing Ann Dee would say.


PS Please pass on word of WIFYR ( to any and all your writing and illustrating friends. Remind them about the $1000 prize and possible publication prize, open to all attendees.

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The Day of Accountability

So what did you do this week as far as writing?

Ann Dee let having a baby get in the way.

I let moving out of the house I was supposed to move into get in the way.

But what about you–the faithful writer who gets her pages done, no matter what?

Let us know what you accomplished.


Remember how I keep saying, I am going to read this summer.

(Maybe I am only saying that here at home.

Well, I mean it.)


Something to peruse:



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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee Mans Three Things Thursday

It is Kyra.
I’ve never done the Three Things Thursday.
I’m not even sure I’ve fully read one.
Three Things in your writing eh.
1. I’ve started this new show on Netflix called Hemlock Grove. Believe it or not, it’s about¬†Werewolves. Ask me why I watch it?
The director Eli Roth. That’s the reason. He does a lot of messed up movies that I can’t help but hate to love and love to hate.
There is also a very good looking {tall!} actor in it. Every time he talks I wanna kiss his hot face.
He might be a werewolf. But we aren’t sure yet.
Who in your book COULD be a werewolf? How will the reader find out? How will you find out?
2.I’m going on a Vegas trip for my birthday next Tuesday. For some reason, every dream I’ve had since I’ve planned the trip has been about me and my ex-love gambling at the casino and losing money at roulette, and then me and him walking back to the hotel holding hands and laughing.
Dreams piss me off. But Vegas is always a riot.
What dream do you have that pisses you off?
Incorporate it into your novel.
3. Ann Dee had a baby. I haven’t met him yet, but I am very much looking forward to it. I bet he’s a cutie face.
¬†Here’s an idea for your story! Your¬†character¬†gets pregnant and dreams that her baby is a werewolf.
And then . . .  and then what?
That would make a horrible¬†Twilight¬†spoof, wouldn’t it?
Or a good one.

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We Have a New Baby!

I’ve seen the picture. He’s ADORABLE!

Ann Dee, I love you. You are a terrific friend, a marvelous writer, and one of the best people I know.

What a pleasure it is to be a part of your life.

And thank you for doing this blog so that people can see how a good writer does things. You are an example to all.

So much love,




PS I get to kiss the baby first (out of non-family members)


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