How Did You Do?

I hope the two week writing marathon was fun for you and you accomplished your goals. I didn’t get everything done. But during the writing, I saw  my book had a flaw, and when I went back through it in my mind I realized exactly where I went wrong.

A shift here, a shift there and the book goes into my agent.

So far we have six people planning on coming to the reading/dinner. For those of you who have food allergies, there is no set plan on the menu. You may choose what you want to eat.

If this is successful, I think this might be a fun place to gather and be writers and do readings and talk books.

So mark your calendars: April 8, 7:00 pm, Station 22.

(Ann Dee, is that right? It may be 7:30. It’s whatever time I told you before!)

FYI–a note about Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers ( Steve Fraser is one of the agents returning to the conference. For attendees only–there is the chance to win a Chat about Your Career with him.

Also, the WIFYR writing contest with a $1000 prize–there’s something new. The winner will be considered for publication by Familius. Cheri Pray Earl and I have a series coming out with them, starting this year. We’re excited about the possibilities with this new publishing company.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Writing for Charity event (April 27, at UVU) and for LDS Storymakers conference (in May).

Plus–we’re thinking of having a charity event, too. This will be several hours of writing and will end with a dance. As details unfold, we’ll let you know.

Now, I am off to court with Kyra.

And then back to pack and finish up my novel.


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7 responses to “How Did You Do?

  1. sueburton

    Can my husband come to the dinner too? It’s a two-for-one with us. He doesn’t write, but he is a great listener.

  2. sueburton

    I will miss the marathon. I made great headway on my goals and my unexpected bonus–writing my second book all in one day– was, well, an unexpected bonus.

  3. Didn’t make my goals–too much drama. But the marathon was a great boost.

  4. Bruce Luck

    I’m still cheating. My spring break goes through the weekend so my March Madness is still going on. (Hey, the real March Madness hasn’t ended, so why should mine?) Goal was to finish the final edit on a novel and to do so by writing at least an hour a day. The first week I was good and made up the 60 minutes the day I missed. The second week was busy and I have a few days to catch up on. But mostly I have a book to finish.

  5. epic fail on my part. can we do a dinner just for a dinner sometime so i can join you all?

  6. Robin Johnson

    Is the dinner and reading really for marathon completers only? Cause I would love to come (I’m craving the companionship of other writers) but I didn’t complete the marathon!

  7. benschwensch

    I didn’t either—stupid thing called “taxes” got in the way! But I’d still like to come, unless it’s for “finishers’ only!


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