Important Information Posted Here

Dinner on April 8

1. You do not need to have completed the marathon. However, you should have tried writing, thought of writing or written these last two weeks.

2. You may bring your spouse or significant other. Or you may come alone.

3. I need to know the headcount so I can tell the restaurant how many people to expect in our party.

4. If this is a success, let’s do it again.



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4 responses to “Important Information Posted Here

  1. I think I told you, but in case I didn’t–I will come. Sue, if you need a ride, I can bring you.

  2. Bruce Luck

    I would like to join you. If anyone in Salt Lake County is interested in carpooling, let me know.

  3. i would have loved to join you, but i have a previous commitment that night. i was hoping to make it to both, but turns out they start at the exact same time. 😦
    have fun! hope to join you next time!


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