Three Things To Do with My New Book Today

So I don’t really have a new book. Not yet.

Before I start anything else I have a ton of finals to grade, and then two more books (that I am writing with friends) to finish.

(I am excited about BOTH these friends books! One I have written with my daughter, Laura. We’re in copyediting mode on that one. The other I am working on with my very good friend Melanie Skelton. Plus, I have a novel more than halfway completed, a middle grade, that I wrote Nano before last. I think I am ready to finish that.)

And there’s the moving.

Something I Have Discovered

I simply cannot do everything on my own. I need help.

But today, in between all that, here is what I must do as far as the Next Book:

1. As I work, I will let the ideas (I have three or four which feel more important) percolate in my head.

Which means the most to me?

Which moves me the most?

Do I want to laugh and write ghosty things?

Do I want to spend some really sad time investigating the other novel?

Do I want to get into the head of someone who’s really sick?

I know which sounds easiest, but which is best for me, now, as a writer?

2. I need to talk this over with a friend.

Lay everything out of the table.

What is best for me? For my career? For my well-being (I’ve been pretty depressed this winter. The new TV shows Hannibal and Bates Motel haven’t brought my mood up.)?

3. I must take notes. When the ideas start for the books, I can’t expect to remember them. I hardly know my own name right now.

But these notes aren’t just snippets of ideas. Yes, those will be there.  I need some notes  detailing what I think could happen in all three books.

For example, I know the beginning and end, only, of the two darker novels. A few additional scenes with one of them.

The funny book, I sort of know the whole plot–and have a faded idea of the ending.

So notes are essential.

I know I won’t have  time to really write today so I have to use my jotting-down-times (as the ideas strike me) effectively.

What would YOU like to see from me, The Best Five Readers in the World?


Dark and Scary?

Contemporary Sad (that might be a sequel to another hard novel I wrote)?

Now I need to get going on the day’s very long list.

Taking a deep breath.

And I am off.



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9 responses to “Three Things To Do with My New Book Today

  1. Ghosty. Miles From Ordinary had the perfect ghost story feel that I love so much. Would love a ghost story. But think you should do the contemporary sad too.

  2. Kim

    That’s a tough choice. I like everything you write. I think I’d like you to laugh and write ghosty things. That sounds like fun. 🙂

  3. Contemporary sad. You’re just so good at it.

  4. Rebecca Birkin

    I agree with Ilima. I would especially love to see a sequel to the “other hard novel” that the librarian here says she can’t keep on the shelf.

  5. I started watching hannibal the other night and had to turn it off. Write funny. Let’s talk about it.

  6. i want to read your funny book because i think you could use some funny right now. that said, i want to read one that might be a sequel too! but do what helps you have a better year. from someone who’s had a hard year so far, happy needs to win out sometimes.

  7. My vote is for the funny/ghostly option. So much serious right now, I could use some laughter for sure.

  8. Cheryl

    Something to lift our spirits! We need a boost after Boston as only you can do it Carol!

  9. CLW

    I know, we need something. I still feel just ill. Saw the pic of the 8-yr-old who died yesterday.

    That said–I did just write a funny book.
    Keep the suggestions coming.
    I’ll let everyone know what I am doing as soon as I know.


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