Today: Lance Larsen the last tip and Sadnes

So the last tip from Lance Larsen is to “fall in love with the world and take notes.”

It feels hard to fall in love with the world today. I feel this overwhelming sadness and shock. How do we love a world where things like this happen? Where someone decides to take innocent lives, to terrorize people, to turn something wonderful into something horrific? 

Lance says, “Take notes . . . right on the spot, if possible. Writing is often more a matter of collecting and eavesdropping than inventing.” 

I think today, we should all take notes. We should write down what we feel. We should write down what we love. We should write down what we can do to make the world a better place. 

Carrie Jones, a YA writer, blogged about her experience at the marathon. She does it beautifully. And with honesty. And pain. 

What did you write today? What do you love about this world? What can you share with others that will bring them hope? Joy? Peace? Even in the middle of so much sadness. 




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2 responses to “Today: Lance Larsen the last tip and Sadnes

  1. CLW

    I heard about the bombings as they were being broadcast in the first moments and I haven’t felt right all day. I have a fist where my heart should be and it hurts.

    How do we keep going? We have to keep going. How did they keep going? How will they? Once again our lives will never be the same. And these horrible things seem to happen more and more.

    But we shouldn’t be the same. We need to be better and love harder and hug tighter and remember more and prayer louder and be angry and cry and not stand up for this. We need to kiss those we care about and let them know we care.

    And finally, I don’t ever want to understand how one man could do this to another. Never.

  2. benschwensch

    Thank you all for voicing the hurt that’s inside. We need to be the voice, to make the noise, to require more of ourselves and of our fellow earthlings, or what’s it all about?


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