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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

Who has signed up for the conference yet?
Have you guys been reading the success stories?
Trust me, there are a few awesome ones.
That could be you.
That could be ANY of us!
Early bird pricing for the conference ends on the 30th of THIS month! Hurry up and take advantage of that. Save some pennies so you can buy books for the signing on the last day.
Have you all seen the new Mini Workshops we added to the afternoon sessions this year?  This is something that I am excited for.
Also! If you’re interested in reading a great interview, check this one out!
 It’s our favorite person Courtney!
Did anyone notice that MOM is actually teaching a class this year?!
The boot camp!
She hasn’t taught at the conference in ages and ages. I can’t wait to sit in and hear all her secrets to success. {I should already know them…but……}
There is a lot of fun stuff going on this year. And I really hope to see all of you there.
If you want more info on the conference, check out the website! From there we have our Facebook and twitter page.
Hope to see you all in June!
To come, I’m hoping to get some interviews started with this year’s faculty. Just so you can all get to know them a little better!
FROM CAROL: I am adding a song to Kyra’s blog post. A great dancing song.

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