Three Things Thursday

1. I need a new pillow. Mine, I think, has been giving me headaches (sometimes wake up so sick I puke–like this morning). I’ve used several kinds–including expensive ones–but can’t find anything that helps. Suggestions? Please?

2. We are thinking of having a dance/writing activity for charity purposes. We want to do it before the conference ( Anyone have any suggestions for a venue? It needs to be free and we need to charge at least a $10 cover charge.

3. Today, notice sense of place. Really notice it. What do you see, hear, taste, smell, touch?

How do these experiences make you more aware of the environment you are in?

How would you write your experiences in an original way? For example, lots of people have been cold. How do you make being cold your own–original? Not, I was freezing. How would you say that?


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9 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Kim

    I heard somewhere that mattresses can give off gases as they break down, and those gases can make us sick. Maybe it’s your mattress, instead of your pillow? The Green Smoothie Girl recommended a mattress that she said didn’t break down like that. I think it was called IntelliBED.

  2. Rebecca Birkin

    I think “icicles forming on my nose” is probably cliche too 🙂
    Had an Intellibed pillow. Didn’t help much. Also tried buckwheat–it was okay for a while, then got too hard to sleep on. I love my latex mattress, though.

  3. Elise

    Pillows: I used to get migraines everyday. I tried three different $100 pillows, but still had issues. Lately I’ve been using a $20 contour tempurpedic type pillow– meaning it reforms when you lift your head. Also peppermint oil works wonders.

    • Wish I could help with the pillow question but I haven’t one brain cell that knows one pillow fact.

      The other thing I want to say is that you…all your blog buddies…keep giving away wonderful lessons for whom ever wants to pass by and read. Thank you all so much. Right now I’ve come in from a jaunt in the cold weather and …lets see, “her fingers forgot how to spell the words and made interesting ones instead. She gave up and went to bed, hoping to have brilliant words tomorrow, when the shower made her fingers warm and clever.”

      How’s that for corny? I’m thinking of writing a really corny novel so I can get this out of my system.

    • Carol

      I’ve used these, Elise, but they don’t work for me.

  4. down pillow? i was getting headaches and switched to that. got it from ikea so it wasn’t too expensive. and i’ve been sleeping better.


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