The Day of Accountability

Here’s what I said on Facebook:

‘After being promised a house for my family to settle in for a few years, moving 3.5 rooms full of our things, painting one bedroom my youngest’s favorite color, buying more paint for the place, moving garden equipment and outdoor furniture, changing my address with my agent and one publisher, paying a half month’s rent so the girls and I could move into our new place on tax day, the ‘landlord’ changed her mind and we now have no place to live.’

Now I will say more to my friends.

I cannot tell you how disappointed we all are. How could this woman do this? It feels very personal, but I know really, she is thinking only of herself, not of us at all.

Here is part of what is so hard–Carolina, Cait and I did all this moving almost entirely out of my Kia.

I am so tired.

We are so tired.

I have a possible place or two, but will you all please keep the Williams Girls in your prayers?

The home we are in now has nearly choked us to death with expenses and our current landlord (who is a good landlord) can’t understand how bad it has been. We must get out.

If I had the energy, I would cry, really cry, but it has been months since I have been able to bawl for myself.

So there it is.

Maybe this is meant to humble me.

Have me beg for help, something I am almost unwilling to do.

But to think of removing all that stuff . . .


So what about you? Did you do your writing? Did you accomplish your goals? I need to hear good things! Tell me all!

And Ann Dee, have that baby!



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7 responses to “The Day of Accountability

  1. My good news: I completed chemo #5 today. I woke up this morning with a hymn going through my head: Press forward, Saints, with steadfast faith in Christ….
    I have one more round of chemo in three weeks then we see what will happen next. I still have eyebrows–thin, but there. And I still have a few strands of hair. It could be worse.

    I hope your prospective landlady changes her mind again. That would be the easiest solution for you.

    Hang in there!



  2. Robin Johnson

    Carol, if you want help moving, let me know! I have anothet little car to add to your arsenal, but the trunk is amazing and can fit a lot of boxes!

  3. Carol, I could cry for you. I really could, I’m so sorry.

    A duplex on 4000 north Canyon Road has come on the market. I have never been in it so I cannot say how it is, probably it’s pretty small. I didn’t get the listing agent’s phone number.

    There is also another house on 3661 north 700 east. Phone number 787-6820–Amiee and James Krause. They are buying a home in Springville.

    Good luck, come by and get some caramels. And a hug.

  4. Bruce Luck

    Sorry to hear about your housing predicament. In the good news department I got my patchy back lawn re-seeded today, a supposed quick little job that has taken 3 evenings this week – and interrupted my writing time.

  5. benschwensch

    Not great news, but it’s SOME good news: I’ve decided which book to resurrect for a thorough go-over at WIFYR—SO excited to come, to see you, to give you a hug. That’ll be coming up faster than you know. (Now REMEMBER: I said that was the GOOD news! Is there anything I can do to help you with WIFYR??? Anything?)

  6. Carol I”m so sorry! I have been searching my neighborhood for houses b/c it is a great neighborhood. and of course you are all in my prayers. 😀
    now when you do find a house, please tell us the move date so we can help you move all your stuff. don’t do it on your own in your kia. you have lots of people who love you and want to help.
    and i can’t make it this summer to wifyr but i saw you are doing writing for charity and i CAN make it to that! i’m super excited. see you saturday. and don’t forget to LET US HELP. xxx

  7. Oh. This just breaks my heart! And makes me wish I was nearby so I could help. Although my massive baby belly would probably be a bit of a hinderance. STILL, I wish I could do something other than type how much I wish I could do something. Love you!


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