Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee Mans Three Things Thursday

It is Kyra.
I’ve never done the Three Things Thursday.
I’m not even sure I’ve fully read one.
Three Things in your writing eh.
1. I’ve started this new show on Netflix called Hemlock Grove. Believe it or not, it’s about Werewolves. Ask me why I watch it?
The director Eli Roth. That’s the reason. He does a lot of messed up movies that I can’t help but hate to love and love to hate.
There is also a very good looking {tall!} actor in it. Every time he talks I wanna kiss his hot face.
He might be a werewolf. But we aren’t sure yet.
Who in your book COULD be a werewolf? How will the reader find out? How will you find out?
2.I’m going on a Vegas trip for my birthday next Tuesday. For some reason, every dream I’ve had since I’ve planned the trip has been about me and my ex-love gambling at the casino and losing money at roulette, and then me and him walking back to the hotel holding hands and laughing.
Dreams piss me off. But Vegas is always a riot.
What dream do you have that pisses you off?
Incorporate it into your novel.
3. Ann Dee had a baby. I haven’t met him yet, but I am very much looking forward to it. I bet he’s a cutie face.
 Here’s an idea for your story! Your character gets pregnant and dreams that her baby is a werewolf.
And then . . .  and then what?
That would make a horrible Twilight spoof, wouldn’t it?
Or a good one.

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