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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

It’s another Wednesday. I’ve been 23 for a week.
So far it’s been one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in long time.
But I’ve managed to get some writing done. Hoping to get some notes back from Mom, maybe some ideas on where to do with this piece I’m working on.
Does anyone watch Mad Men?
I watch that show all the time. I’m only on like…season four?
It’s a great show. It really is.
But I’m sick of all the cheaters and the liars in it.
I think everyone is a cheater and a liar…so at least they’ve got the whole “real life” crap going on.
But it’s different… because sometimes I feel like in Mad Men, they are excusing all the lies, and cheating, because the main character has had a “rough” childhood.
Who hasn’t had a rough childhood?
Well, I haven’t…but I’m also not a cheater or liar.
I’ve realized in almost all the stories I’ve written…none of the characters have had a rough childhood. Yet they are all kind of bitches. {The MC}
Does that say something about myself?
I need to research that.
I want to see a picture of Ann Dee’s new baby.
This article is about a favorite band I had back in high school. Pretty awful if you ask me.

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