From our Friend, Agent John M. Cusick!

 Writers Digest Webinar, happening this Thursday (May 16) at 1pm, EST.

Here’s what John says:
There’s some info below. I can promise a good time, and lots a learnin’.

“FULL CAST: How to Enrich and Expand Every Character in Your Novel from the Leading Man to the Background Extras.” 

1 p.m., EST
Thursday, May 16, 2013

(If that time doesn’t work for you, don’t sweat it. The whole thing will be available to watch and rewatch for a year or so.)

Every novel is driven by character. We fall in love with heroines, cheer for heroes, and loathe our villains. Characters draw us in, and through them we experience our favorite stories. Without a compelling cast, even the most engrossing tale can fall flat. What makes some protagonists iconic, while others go up in smoke? How can we create rich motivations without burdensome back-story, or nuanced supporting characters without stealing focus from our protagonists? How can we populate our novels with an unforgettable ensemble our readers will love? The answer involves giving your characters a great blend of relationships, history and motivations.

And, also, learning a ton of cool stuff by signing up for this webinar.


  • How to create an unforgettable ensemble of empathetic, unforgettable characters
  • How to develop compelling motivations to drive your story
  • How to craft rich histories to inform your characters’ journeys
  • How to intensify relationships, creating intimate, intense connections within your tale
  • How to lend nuance and depth by creating “mini-arcs”
  • How to employ impressionistic details to bring background characters to life.

And there’s MORE. What? Yes. There is.

Everyone who attends is invited to submit a query letter for their novel. Every query is guaranteed a written critique by yours truly.

So, an amazing class, Q&A, and personalized query critique, all from the comfort of your living room / boudouir / computer dungeon? Yep. I can promise you this will be the greatest thing you’ve ever done that involved the word “webinar.”

So sign up!



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3 responses to “From our Friend, Agent John M. Cusick!

  1. Rebecca Birkin

    This is really exciting. last summer at WIFYR, John’s class on opening lines was one of the best I’ve ever heard. Perhaps it’s because of his dual agent/writer hats, but John Cusick really knows what he’s talking about.

  2. Bruce Luck

    He presented a speech in last WYFIR’s afternoon session about the importance of a story’s first paragraph. John is amazing.

  3. Amy

    John was fabulous at WIFYR!! Doesn’t hurt that he is way dang cute 😉 but that’s not the reason to do the seminar–the reason is he is so very very good at what he does, AND you get a written query critique, AND you get to access the webinar for a year, AND, well, it doesn’t hurt that you get to watch and rewatch and watch that webinar again for a whole year –oooh that gorgeous face!


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