Three Things Thursday

So now we are thinking of:

1. maybe meeting every other week and writing memoirs together.


guess what?

YOU wouldn’t have to write on a memoir.

YOU could write on your novel.

All this has to happen AFTER the conference ( By then I HAVE to be settled or I can’t do it. But let’s pretend I find a place soon, move in, prepare for the conference and etc.


2. I am getting ready (at 10 am–in just a few minutes) to try something I am not sure will work.

But if you would all think good thoughts, pray, chant, whatever you do for others.

I need this concentrated effort because I am getting ready to do something I have never done before.

It has to do with praying, and praying that I can get a home, and it’s sort of selfish.

I can’t explain more–but it has to do with my dream home.



I know July is a month of parties, hot weather, resting from Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers, traveling and etc. But I think we will be ready for our next marathon when that month rolls around.

Not sure yet if we will take the month, a week, a few days or what. But I am letting you know now.

So mark July.

Cross out the 4 and 24 (if you are in Utah).

Start thinking of your goals. How will you work around family travels? What do you most want to accomplish?

We’ll be writing together. And, I think, reading together.



And to end, here’s an interview all about me by a fellow VCFA graduate, Ginger Johnson, who is very cute, a great writer and a terrific dancer.


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3 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Paige

    I hope your praying worked. And I need the July marathon.

    I saw Mud last weekend. I think you would like it a lot because the script for the boys, 14yo’s, is perfect, inspiring. I say this but I don’t know you other than from the blog and watching you at WIFYR but I think you would. I want to see it again just to appreciate the dialog.

  2. Bruce

    Yeah. July sounds like a good time for a marathon. Good luck on the house hunting. You can set a tent up in the backyard if you get desperate.

  3. a marathon i can do! yay! and i finally have a new plot for my novel, though i’m still thinking through the details. so i would love to meet regularly with you all in your memoir group. if fiction is allowed there. if not, i’ll try to write something memoir-ish. 🙂


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