A Day of Accountability

This will be short.

Forgot all about posting yesterday.

But I spoke to my agent TH afternoon and got cool news.

Worked on George and Gracie.

Worked on The Haven.

Got permission to turn it in late.


Worked on WIFYR (www.wifyr.com).

What did you do this week?

Tell all!

What are you most proud of this week?


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7 responses to “A Day of Accountability

  1. Your got-it-done list makes me look like a wimp. Way to go, though. I’ve been revising like a crazy lady. Looks like that’s what I’ll be doing next week, too. And the week after that. Joy.

  2. I am most proud that I sent my son with “Sweet Kentucky Cornbread Muffins” to school today for his state report. If I’m not writing, I may as well try and be a good mom, right?

    Also, I made up the name of the cornbread muffins so that regular old cornbread muffins will SEEM like they’re Kentucky State cuisine. So, I cheated. A little.

  3. I am also revising like a crazy person. My 500 page book needed to be whittled down. I’m almost done with it. Yahoo! And I finished reading a book my agent suggested. Wow. Maybe I am being productive.

  4. Cheryl

    I finished this round of revisions on my MS and sent it in to my editor! I will be writing for the next 24 hours on my WIFYR pages. Woo Hoo!

  5. benschwensch

    Getting ready to go to California, right before WIFYR: Family stuff—got my daughter to her therapist, got hair cut while I waited; got nails done while she separated and replanted my sun-room jungle of plants. Spent a good portion of Thursday at my brother’s (he’s wheel-chair bound, so I go down to Alpine once a week.) Went with my husband to see the “baby animals” at Thanksgiving Point—the baby pygmy goats were the ultimate entertainment. Writing stuff—Took different chapters of my WIFYR novel to three different critique groups on three different days (it needs all the help it can get). Finished teaching (my last writing class until end of August, so it’s still “writing stuff)—we all celebrated with ice cream at Cold Stone right after class. Got caught up with blogs this week so that it will continue to publish all through our week in CA, WIFYR, and the following week while we go to Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City. Got my marching orders from Cherie Earl’s TA and ordered the two books (of four recommended) that I didn’t already have. Have already begun reading the first; schedule how many pages per day to get all done by June 17; have had critiques on all but 3 of the 13 extant chapters for WIFYR, and have begun revising.

    Other than that, I’m just trying to catch up on, what’s that thing called? Oh, yeahL SLEEP! Thanks for keeping me challenged!


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