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Some things . . .

1. It’s the start of the season. I know this because yesterday I accidentally tucked my skirt into my underwear. If you know me, you know this is a regular occurrence (Target, Fancy Restaurant, Gardening, Writing Conferences) every summer. WELCOME SUMMER. Does your MC look forward to summer? Does he/she tuck her skirt into her underwear? Does he/she feel embarrassed or embrace this look? 

2. May has been a big month for me. I thought it would be good to plan some kind of vacation for my family so we’d have something to look forward to and recover from all the life events we’ve been going through. I’ve been searching online. I’ve been asking around. I’ve been dreaming about it. Then I realized I have four children now and I feel so tired. It’s funny how something like going on a trip takes courage and maybe I’m not so courageous yet. But soon! Someday. I really am 13 inside.  What is a big jump for your MC? What things/events which are normal and easy for most people take courage for him/her? Where do they want to go on vacation? And is going on  vacation really an escape? I mean really? 

3. My house just got extremely quiet. I am in my room with the baby. The boys were playing downstairs. Now I have a sinking feeling they went out the backdoor. For the two older ones, not a big deal. For the two year old? Disaster. It’s funny how the hurdles of my day shift as the boys age. Or as I age. Or as the world ages. What are the hurdles in your MCs life? Big and small. 

I need to start a new book. I think it’s time. I have old projects I could go back to but I want something fresh. Something exciting. I may need a marathon or a coach or a writing group to motivate me.  


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