Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee!

Has anyone been struggling with their writing lately?
Life getting you down?
What do you guys do, during the bad times, to keep yourself motivated to write?
Any tip? Advice?
This has been a really hard month, it seems, for a lot of people. {Everyone please keep Ann Dee in their thoughts.<3 }
The end of this month surprised me though, and suddenly took a turn for the good. I was so down in the dumpsters {for no real reason I’m sure} and then suddenly things got better.
A lot better.
Attitude change?
I don’t know.
But it’s helped a lot for my writing.
I’m still not doing my full hour every single day, but I am getting closer to that goal.
I think a marathon needs to happen soon. Maybe a pre-conference Marathon.
I also need a writers group.  A fun writers group full of exciting people.
Or people as exciting as me {that was a joke}


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2 responses to “Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee!

  1. sueburton

    Yes, I’m struggling with writing too. I’ve been reading class submissions for WIFYR and it’s difficult, but good too. I can’t help wondering how my own writing is perceived, wondering if I’m making the mistakes I’m seeing . . .

    I’m the kind of person who will put off something time-intensive–like personal writing–till I’ve finished my other obligations.

    What’s helping most is this blog. On Memorial Day, I got at least ten minutes of writing in–ten more yesterday. I would not mind a pre-conference marathon. I could use it. I miss writing.

    • Rebecca Birkin

      I could use a post-conference marathon, too. But I’ll need at least a week off first.
      I think it’s Ann Lamont in BIRD BY BIRD that talks about having a small frame on her desk as a reminder that she has to write just that much. It keeps her from getting overwhelmed.
      When I start thinking about huge projects, I feel the same way. Deciding to just write one scene or add something to one scene often can get me back into my writing, and then it’s always easier.
      Or write something else. Anything besides a grocery list (unless it’s a really creative one).


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