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Kyra’s Post

I missed last weeks post due to being at the conference and still not having a way to post on the blog myself.
Mom doesn’t remember her password and I don’t even have one.
The conference was a great success. Although I only got to hang out with people for a few days, I was really glad to be there.
And I think I had a breakthrough while listening to Martine Leavitt {is that the correct spelling?} at the breakout sessions.
That lady is so damn smart. It makes me feel like one of those cute little suckers when I talk to her. {You know….. the dumb ones 😉 }

What did you all learn?
Do you all know how you’re going to fix your novels?
Ideas for new novels?
Mom wants to start a book club. {One time we were gonna do that, for single ladies, but then I fell in love, and now I’m heartbroken so maybe this is a good time to start back up again?}
I need to start reading again. I think Mom does too. Or so she said.
The 4th of July is coming up. Maybe we should take that day off to write an extra hour.
I’m willing to give it a shot? Then to celebrate my extra hour of writing maybe I’ll find a lake and jump off a big rock!
I want to recruit some Book Reviewers for every few weeks. What are thoughts on that? 
We used to review a book every week. But then I grew up and turned into a very lazy person. Ha ha.
Alright. I’m done talking now.
Let’s write! 

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Did you know this man walked across the Grand Canyon in jeans?

First of all I’ve been fascinated by the whole thing. Insane. Why is he doing this? Is he going to fall? How long did he train? How can he be prepared? Shouldn’t someone stop him?

And then jeans. 

Last night I was obsessed with watching the video of the walk but I couldn’t get it streaming and It was stressing me out. I knew he’d made it across–tweets–but I still wanted to watch.  I tried and tried to get the video to work and finally Cam said, Honey. You might have to watch it tomorrow. 


So I watched it today. First thing in the morning. 

He walked on a wire across the grand canyon.

This made me think a few things: 

  1. anything is possible if you prepare. 
  2. even crazy things. I can’t believe this guy even thought this up, let alone did it.
  3. and you can wear jeans. 

Like why didn’t he wear special wind pants or spandex? Why jeans? 

Then I thought, I have been trying not so successfully to do the TOTALLY RAD SUMMER OF 2013 CHALLENGE each week. Except not really. Instead I’ve been half-heartedly doing it. and then giving myself excuses. I realized, with this tight-rope man, that if I want to, I can write a book. Right now. I can get out of this headspace i’m in and write a book. I can also read 1000 books. And swim in 5009 pools. I can do flips. I can do handstands. I can even do a belly flop IF I WANT TO. I can do anything. 


So my goals for this week are the same as last week. Except this time, I’m going to want to. I’m going to stop the excuses. Stop the down talk. And try. I’m going to write whatever comes into my head and then I’m going to follow it. I’m going to do something different today than I did yesterday (wink) and see if that makes a difference. 

So that’s my goal. 

I also might go to a movie. 




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While Carol is recovering from the conference I will post three books that I want:

The Bomb


I have heard amazing things about this book. It’s non-fiction but supposedly reads like a spy novel. I want.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane


The cover alone makes me want to run out and buy this. I think it will be magical and possibly make me feel weightless? Maybe?

And then this one for my kids:

This Is Not a Good Idea


I think it looks funny. And I like Mo Willems. Here’s the trailer. 

And one more for luck.

Creepy Carrots


Because they are creepy.

What books should I also want?

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Interview with Allan Gurganus

Beauty gives itself so readily if only we’re un-depressed enough to accept its latest offer.

Writing fiction is a strange combination of being a talent scout, unaffiliated priest, an able-bodied janitor. We’re professional eavesdroppers, on-call celebrants, all-purpose salvage crews.

More here. Lots to think about. lots to agree with. some to disagree with.xoxo

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