Kyra’s Posty Post

Kyra here.
Summer reading.
I like Ann Dee’s post. It makes me want to read a hundred books.
If I make the goal, I’ll reward myself with something. Maybe a hardcopy of a book I already own but can’t find.
 The kid I’m not dating but sort of dating asked me to go to the library with him.
I bet you can imagine the surprise on my face.
“You like the library?”
“Oh yeah.  Let’s go. We can read books to eachother…”
Surprise face.
Now I need to pay my library fines. {Caitlynne rented 13 Reasons Why on my card a few years back. Kept it for like, a year. Yeah…}
Has anything great come out this year? I am sooo behind in the book world.
I’ve been waiting for today {June 4th} for a few months now.
One of my favorite bands have just dropped a brand new album.
It’s amazing.
Perfect background music for writing.
{If you like strange tunes, download Evil Friends by Portugal. The Man. You won’t regret it}
I need to create a summer playlist for my writing. {I’ll post it next week!}
I always have lists in the summer time.
All the good stuff.
Who has signed up for the conference?
Sadly I’ll only be there the first three days. But I’d love to meet and hangout with all you amazing writers! Maybe I can hunt down a writers group while I’m there…
Ok I’m done 


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2 responses to “Kyra’s Posty Post

  1. Paige

    I’m a music lame-o so I’m looking forward to that playlist!
    And I’m going to the conference — lucky me I get to be in Carol’s class.


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