Summer 2013 Totally Rad Challenge

How is did your first TOTALLY RAD WEEK go? Mine was good. I got my reading in (and started a new novel that I’m excited about), I wrote every day. Not fiction but at least something. and I went to the pool. I didn’t do flips. Actually, I didn’t even get in the water because we chose to go to the new rec center in our town and it was a leeeeeetle wild. I sat with the baby while the other four played. I didn’t mind sitting and watching and reading. It was pretty relaxing considering the decibel level in that place is off the charts. I also flashed some people when I tried to nurse the baby. So my fun goal didn’t come to fruition. They need to happen in a calmer pool or at a calmer time.

Here are my updated goals:

1. Reading: I’m going to read a chapter in my new book every day. It seems funny to make a goal to read because I love reading but more and more I find that I don’t make time for it. I also have found that I don’t finish books like I used to. So I am going to read every day and I’m going to finish this book.

2. Writing: I am going to write fifteen minutes minimum every day and at least one page of fiction a day. Even if it means doing it with crayons while the kids draw.

3. Fun: I’m going to get IN a pool. Keeping it real.

The other night Cam and I watched this documentary about actors who get regular work and who we may recognize but we wouldn’t know their name. They are the bad guys, the lawyers, the police chiefs, etc. in the movies. Never the leads, but always the plot movers (as many of them said).

I thought it was pretty fascinating. The number of actors in Hollywood is astounding–all of them working their butts off to get work, to do what they love, etc. at a great sacrifice. Very few become big name stars but they keep doing it despite the poor money, the humiliating auditions, the horrible odds competition, etc. They do it because they couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Sound familiar?

How did your RAD week go? What are your updated RAD goals? And what movie did you watch?



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3 responses to “Summer 2013 Totally Rad Challenge

  1. sueburton

    Those sound like good goals. Can I use them too? Yesterday I made a note about my novel on a McDonald’s napkin while our home teachers were visiting.

    Today I’ve been working on writing assignments for WIFYR. I had to rewrite a couple of already written passages. Oh, yeah. I wrote something original. That counts.

    Have I read any good in the world today? (Couple chapters of The Book of Mormon, can’t knock that, but I’ll try to get in a fun chapter before I turn out the lights.)

  2. Estee

    I didn’t do so well on the reading or writing–although I did spend lots of time in the pool! My excuse is that my kids didn’t get out of school until yesterday. This week I had end of the year festivities, a swim meet, and the big dance recital. I’ll do better, starting today! I will read a chapter a day, write fifteen minutes and I’ll get back in the pool.

  3. benschwensch

    READING: for WIFYR: average 60 pgs/day, finishing LaMotte’s BIRD BY BIRD and starting Stern’s MAKING SHAPELY FICTION. NEXT UP: Finish Stern & read Dillard’s THE WRITING LIFE.

    WRITING: Cleaned up my 20 pages for WIFYR & sent them in by Wednesday midnight. Wrote a 2 1/4 pg synopsis—single spaced—to go with it, then spent HOURS cutting it down to 1 double-spaced page. NEXT UP: Still have several “small” assignments for WIFYR and some rewriting to do before Monday.

    FUN: Didn’t get to any of Cheri Earl’s suggested authors for class at WIFYR, but thought I did pretty well, as my husband & I had gone to CA for his youngest son’s HS graduation celebrations (got home last night)! NEXT UP: At least ought to make time somehow for a couple of short suggested books by Dahl & Paterson.


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