Kyra’s Post

I missed last weeks post due to being at the conference and still not having a way to post on the blog myself.
Mom doesn’t remember her password and I don’t even have one.
The conference was a great success. Although I only got to hang out with people for a few days, I was really glad to be there.
And I think I had a breakthrough while listening to Martine Leavitt {is that the correct spelling?} at the breakout sessions.
That lady is so damn smart. It makes me feel like one of those cute little suckers when I talk to her. {You know….. the dumb ones 😉 }

What did you all learn?
Do you all know how you’re going to fix your novels?
Ideas for new novels?
Mom wants to start a book club. {One time we were gonna do that, for single ladies, but then I fell in love, and now I’m heartbroken so maybe this is a good time to start back up again?}
I need to start reading again. I think Mom does too. Or so she said.
The 4th of July is coming up. Maybe we should take that day off to write an extra hour.
I’m willing to give it a shot? Then to celebrate my extra hour of writing maybe I’ll find a lake and jump off a big rock!
I want to recruit some Book Reviewers for every few weeks. What are thoughts on that? 
We used to review a book every week. But then I grew up and turned into a very lazy person. Ha ha.
Alright. I’m done talking now.
Let’s write! 

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One response to “Kyra’s Post

  1. Stephanie

    I had a breakthrough in Martine’s class as well! She is amazing! I’ve been hard at work fixing parts my novel, metaphoring it up. : ) Though I have to give HUGE thanks to your mom. I was in her class and she helped my MS so much. I hope that I can take her notes in the first 55 pages and use them throughout. Thanks Carol!!!


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