TOTALLY RAD SUMMER OF 2013 CHALLENGE and how I almost got hit by a bird

1. I’ve been writing!

2. I’ve barely been reading. Except that’s not true. I read THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH, RAMONA AND BEEZUS and HENRY AND BEEZUS, part of about three GERONIMO STILTONS, and a bunch of lame smurf books. No offense to the smurfs. When my husband takes the boys to the library (which is pretty much most the time) they always load up on graphic novels. I do not love to read graphic novels. In fact, I hate it. Especially smurf graphic novels. Sometimes they show up with Hardy Boys graphic novels (even worse). I tell them I will read them ANY book but not a graphic novel. Is this wrong? It might be wrong.

Here are my observations about this reading:

a) I edit out adverbs when I read.

b) The Ramona books are collections of short stories. I would like to try to write a MG or chapter book this way.

c) The problems in these books are not huge. Sometimes the best stories are simple and ones kids can relate to (unruly dogs, finding a box of gumballs in a field, not feeling creative in art class). My kids were enthralled.

d) Geronimo Stilton has a lot of facts in it. My kids like this.

e) Brainy Smurf is annoying. Gargamel is lonely.

I really have learned a lot by reading these to my kids. I also read the first chapter of Little House in the Big Woods which is all about butchering pigs and roasting the tail and then eating it. Or slicing up the face and head and making head cheese. I was grossed out. My oldest told me it was the only way the people could survive in the woods. This is true.

3. i didn’t ride a bike. But I made my husband ride a bike which is almost the same thing.

My goals:

1. Keep writing. Not quit.

2. Read something for me.

3. Get on a bike.

What are your goals? Have you ever had an egg and banana pancake? I hate late night fireworks. I am old. Also, I’ve been feeding all the deer in the neighborhood tomato plants. I’m really nice.

Hope you all have a great 4th.


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4 responses to “TOTALLY RAD SUMMER OF 2013 CHALLENGE and how I almost got hit by a bird

  1. My goals:
    Wade through the middle of the book I’m working on and finally finish the rough draft. Maybe I’ll print it out and take it to a shooting range when I’m done. That sounds nice and therapeutic.
    Clean out the garage because I promised. Even though I really don’t want to.

  2. Sometimes the best stories are simple…I need to remember that. I tend to veer towards telling huge epic world changing type stories, as though it has to be Big and Important to be worth writing. I know, weird. This week I really need to figure out how to fix one of my books–my favorite one I’ve ever written, actually. Wish me luck.

  3. How weird. I’ve been thinking about re-reading the Little House and Ramona books too. But then I thought I’d rather read something else since I might read those to my daughter someday. My goal is to write one whole chapter this week in a project I haven’t looked at since winter.

  4. benschwensch

    Goals for past week, “NEXT UPs” for this week:

    READING: Finished reading first Overlander book. Started THE ALCHEMIST – not fairytale, which I’d intended; at least it’s fantasy. NEXT UP: READ FAIRY TALES! ! ! Keep going on ALCHEMIST, maybe read 2nd OVERLANDER.

    WRITING: Worked on my fairy tale mash-up a little, sorting out theme, character roles, etc. NEXT UP: July through NaNoWriMo’s “summer camp,” I’ll see how far I get with it my fairytale, now named GLASS MOUNTAIN PRINCESS.

    FUN: SO tired after 3 weeks of CA, WIFYR and So. Utah trip, I did NOT start swimming. Did a fair amount of walking while at Shakespeare Festival. Unexpected extra: saw FIDDLER at the Legacy Theater in Centerville last night. Never been there? GREAT QUALITY as a community, volunteer bunch. Try it, you’ll like it. NEXT UP: START SWIMMING! &/or exercising 5-7 DAYS PER WEEK—get Herb to do it too! “But, Honey, it will be so much more FUN if we do it together. . .”


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