Kyra’s Post

Kyra here!
Tons of writing has been happening this week. I’m pretty excited about this story. It actually has a PLOT. And it isn’t about some depressed girl who hates the world.
Mom is still out of internet. Typical. If she had an iphone she’d be able to post from anywhere. 
Anyway. It’s a holiday tomorrow. I hope everyone has fabulous plans to celebrate it! I’m just glad I get the day off. On Saturday I get to go down to Park City to watch the whole Evil Friends album performed live with MY evil friends. Should be jazzy. Hopefully something strange will happen to inspire some writing.
Some scary  news: 
My best friends Mom is having brain surgery right now. I can’t help but worryworryworry. If all of you could send some holyheyoh’s and prayers her way, that would be good. This is her second brain surgery. They think she’s going to be alright,  but we’re still pretty scared. 
This post is short, but all over the place. I apologize. I didn’t get much sleep. 
Let’s all have a great week! 

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  1. Thanks, Kyra. I’ll be praying for your mom’s best friend. I hope I don’t know her but it really doesn’t matter, no matter who it is, they are important, and I hope she gets totally well..


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