We’re Ba-ack!

1. Can you believe it? A terrible headache today. For me, I mean. Have had it since Saturday when I tried to move our belongings from a storage unit, raised my BP way too high, nearly threw up in front of a friend of Cait’s, ended up with a migraine and here I am now, still sick.
2. But I have Internet, so I am writing. Not sure how long I will have it as I have been charged 77 $ for one month’s service that was supposed to be 22.95–and sent a disconnection notice.
3. Writing Marathon.
Still want to?
Will talk to Ann Dee about how to set this up. We don’t know anything about it yet, but let’s say it will take up a bit of August.
4. Have found a place for our dance. IF my neighbors will allow it. MY STREET! We could have a potluck eating thing, music, and evening dancing. Ann Dee cold teach us to zumba or rumba or pumba. The neighbors could watch. We could have a sign “DANCE AT YOUR OWN RISK” or “FAMOUS WRITERS DANCING.” You know, something to inspire.
5. I have been sort of writing.
I have chapters to finish with Cheri for the third book in our series.
I have a few facts to add to the book that I sold to Paula Wiseman (S&S) and that will be done.
I started another funny book. A ghost story. Just a few pages in but I think I know what will happen and etc.
Final pages are coming for THE HAVEN today. (Whoever worked on that deserves a million dollar raise.)
6. Here are three big goals for me.
A) Unpack stoopid, stinking, crap-filled storage units
B) Set up my office, bookshelves included, and write several hours a day (three or more)
C) Get Throwing Up Words back to where it used to be. When we were actually writing daily. Man, than was almost two months ago!
Happy writing friends! Happy to be back.
PS Here is a ‘love letter’ from some man on Facebook.
No, I am not kidding.
Hello Sexy Damsel,
How are You doing today,I guess You are Great and Taking Good Care Of Your Little Beautiful Nose.{Smile}.Sweetie I must Say That You have the Most Captivating Profile on this Website,Although i am Very New to this Type of Dating,Actually i Over Heard This Couples Talking at a Restaurant about The Website,They Looked Really Happy and Excited About Meeting Eachother and I decided to Join Hoping I will Find someone that will come Make a Little Noise in My Heart..{smile}..I Want to say That You are Really beautiful,But i was Wondering if i could Ask You a simple Question,If It was Your Mom that Gave Birth to You or An Angel,Because I was Wondering what a sweet Sexy Queen Like You Will be doing on a Dating Site Like this,Also I was Also Thinking if your Mom Gave You Some Ice Cream the Day You were Born,Cos Your Nose is Much like The Size of an Ice Cream.{Smile}Please Dont Take It Personal Just Asking If they Gave You Ice Cream the Day You were Born..Lol..I believe You Should Have alot of Men coming down to Your Door step with flowers as early as 5;00am Seeking for Your Hand in Marriage…Please Dont Mind me Just Teasing You Okay..I am an accountant and i do Love What i do,..I Must Tell You That I could Check My Calendar and Tell You How Many Days it Takes Accountants to Win the Heart of Their Clients,But I Could Win Your Heart in Less Than 74 Hours if You Only Let me Touch Your Nose..{Smile}Please Dont Mind me Again..Just Trying to Make You Smile…I am Very New Here and I know You Can see My Face and Absolutely Know what is Happening in My eyes,.I Might be Smiling in My Pictures But My Heart is so Empty and Needs Someone to Hold Me.Please Email me Directly to My Private Email Address,I promise I will Get Back to You At Once,I dont Get On this Dating Site Much,


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12 responses to “We’re Ba-ack!

  1. ThrowingUpInResponseToThatMessage!!!! Ack!

    I’m up for a marathon.

  2. now THAT is a romantic letter. Sorry to hear about the headache. Invite me to both the writing marathon and dance party!

  3. Cheryl

    What’s worse, the migraine or that romantic letter? I got a letter like that once, in fact, I think it’s the same guy! Get better dear. You are amazing.

  4. That guy is a keeper. I hope you emailed him directly to his private email address. Also, who knew noses were so sexy?

  5. benschwensch

    We’re all glad you’re “back.” And that you didn’t run off with that “romantic” accountant . . . though, think what he might have been able to accomplish by helping you with your bank account!

    Anyway, we’re all waiting to see Throwing Up Words on a VERY regular basis again!

    Loved your 3 goals: mine for today? 1–Sort through and make appropriate changes from my last critiqued pages. 2–Keep reading fairy tales . . . they put me “in the mood” to do the writing I need to finish. 3–Go to a movie with my honey (we haven’t been in months . . . and he LOVES movies!)

  6. Bruce

    Yeah, you’re back. We’ve missed you. The sign should say “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE AND WRITE?” Please, do invite the new beau.

  7. Sorry about the headache. Maybe it’s the ice-cream nose? That sounds painful.
    Yes, please for the marathon!


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