Well, we’re coming up on August and have had several people say, “Yes!” to another writing marathon.

Ann Dee, Kyra and I am all for it. I have several books that need to be finished–and I have started another one or two.

So this is what we want you to do–

Decide your goals and be ready to post what you want to accomplish the first two weeks of August. Yup. This is a long marathon. We’ll go from August 1-August 15, 2013, midnight.

POST your goals July 31, any time.

Remember how we do things here at TUW–YOU decide what you want to accomplish and how long you want to play.

For example, this August I plan to finish several pieces I MUST get done. So I won’t go for a word count but a finished product count.

And at the end of August we will have dinner together. And maybe that dance. So join up. We’ll get some prizes and have a reading and all that jazz.

Some Cool New Things–

This month I’m mentoring four or five people. You’ll hear from them on this blog at some point. They don’t know it, but I’ll have them do some cool research for us and let us know what they learn.

We’ll also be hearing from a new blogger who will chime in every once in a while. But that’s a surprise for a little later.

I will try and post again on TH and maybe Friday. It just depends on what? INTERNET. Century Link is now charging me MORE for no service. Sarah E will get this taken care of for me.


Right, Elise?

(She said, ‘Yes, yes.’)




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12 responses to “Marathon

  1. Yeah. Another marathon.
    Someone has got to be first so here are my goals, also posted on my blog –
    -90 minutes a day on book #3 – everyday, for sure
    -30 minutes a day pushing book #2
    -60 minutes a day on various other writing tasks (that can include fiction reading)
    -bottom line: 3 hours each day engaged in some writing related task.
    -Should life get in the way and something has to give, it can be the other goals, but not the first. 90 minutes a day on book #3, no matter what.

  2. I guess, “try not to get fatter,” is not the kind of goal you are looking for. Darn.

  3. benschwensch

    I’ve agreed to work on someone’s master’s degree project and write NUMERO #1: ONE HOUR PER DAY from Aug. 1-20. It has to be something “new,” so I’m trying to quickly come up with a new, do-able project that I can still use for something AND that won’t distract me too much from MY work. At the same time, I found an interesting contest, fantasy-oriented. Perfect, for me. So I’m coming up with a prequel idea to some existing work. Here goes: 1 hour per day (and Aug. 2 through 4 I’ll be in Logan for the Opera Festival . . . but I MUST do this anyway) on his project. (If we don’t linger into the last week in August to celebrate, I should even be able to come to the dinner. After that I’ll be back down to Shakespeare Festival, Tuacahn and moving on to Alabama to see Herb’s family.)

    Meanwhile, I ALSO need to work on NUMERO # 2: TWO/HOURS PER DAY on my WIP, and NUMERO #3: 1 HOUR PER DAY READING fairy tales to keep me in the mood. Yes, even with all the travel, etc. If anything has to “go” during travel times, etc., numero #3 and numero #2 will have to suffer, in that order. And ONLY during those travel times. All other times, this is my MINIMUM! (The SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS is at moi, not all y’all: you just have to listen to it! Thank you for your support.)

  4. 500 words a day minimum. Try for 1000 whenever I can. Finish this rough draft before I’m back to school September 2nd and have to start working on the other one. Excited for the marathon! Thank you.

  5. My #1 goal is to do one exercise a day from “The Story Template”. I will try to do more, but that is my minimum. I know it sounds minuscule, but Life is Crazy these next three weeks, and this will at least keep me going in the right direction. Maybe I’ll get lots done! One can hope. I’d like to finish all the exercises in the book by the end of October before I jump into NaNoWriMo.

    My #2 goal is one blog post a week, but #1 goal has priority.

  6. MKE

    I’ll totally copy Michelle and make a goal of 500 words a day too. May not sound like much, but my hands are literally shaking as I’m typing it out. But this can happen. It can…

  7. Amy

    I will!
    My current goal can continue — 780 words per day on the novel.
    Also — I commit to one puppetry chapter sent and all but polished per week (this is photography, not writing, but it’s for a book, so I’m counting it).
    My biggest challenge– I’ll be in Denver for a non-vacation for half of the marathon!!! Yikes. I might have to do some cramming instead of a daily if I run into internet/computer access issues.

  8. My goal is also a finishing goal: finish my novel and get it sent off to first readers before I send it off to my dream agent. Star making revisions while I wait for their feedback.

  9. sueburton

    I like Lynne Snyder’s goal.

    Writing and new puppies don’t go together all that well. I’m going to attempt two hours of writing a day. Uninterrupted would be nice, but not something I can control.

  10. I have been gone from reading blogs for awhile, so i just saw the marathon is happening! and i’m in. my goal #1 is to write 15 minutes a day. i know it sounds small, but i know me and small is how i need to start in order to not set myself up for failure and self loathing. i seem to not be able to exercise AND write in the same day. so goal #2 is to do both.

    thank you for being such wonderful amazing ladies and for sharing yourselves with us.

  11. My goals are late, as I always am. I just got the final, final, final revisions from my agent, so I’ll be working on getting the book one hundred percent ready to be submitted to prospective publishers.

    My next goal is to finish the second book in my series.

    And then I will read for thirty minutes a day because reading is awesome.

  12. Stephanie

    Okay I’m starting a little late but was at girl’s camp last week. My goal is to write at least 500 new words a day hopefully closer to 1000. Thanks for helping me get back on the horse after a week off!!


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