Oh Emotion

Kyra here.


It seems Mom is behind in the world of computers and what not. Again. 
Typical. 😉 


Did anyone watch The Bachelorette on Monday? {that word looks like it’s spelled wrong}
I got to say, I don’t typically watch that sort of stuff. But since I’ve started my job, I’ve gotten into a lot of really corny shows.

But back to the show. 
I must say…that was some intense drama. It brought back some horrible memories. And really put a damper on my day. I’ve been following the show this whole season and after her second date with that dude {the one from Utah} I had a bad feeling she was gonna get her heart ripped out.
I’m hoping I’m wrong. And that she finds a love on a ridiculous TV show so girls all around america can know that love still exists! {sarcasm but kind of serious}

The real reason I talk about that is, that was some emotion. 
How do you put something like that in writing? When you can’t see or hear the emotion, how do you put it in a book? That’s something I’ve been struggling with. I wear my emotions pretty obviously, but for some reason I can’t really add them into a novel.

The thing I’ve found to be the most helpful is reading novels with a lot of emotion. For some reason, it helps me. Not always….but sometimes.
Most good writing has a lot of it. {Just look at Moms books…}

We should be starting a writing marathon soon. I’m excited to get involved and maybe finish a first draft of this story I’ve been working on. 
Let’s all get pumped! 

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  1. Back when I had an agent, one of her comments on my work was always, “But what is the character FEELING right here?” It’s hard for everyone to transfer emotion to the page, methinks. Except your mom.


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