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Marathon time!

As Kyra said, it’s marathoning time! How many of you are joining us? I know a few have already posted goals. Please please keep track of your progress over the weekend. This is the big push before the end of the summer. I have my sno cone machine ready for anyone who wants a celebratory treat at the end of the month–let that be the incentive if nothing else.

My goal is to write at least 1000 NEW WORDS a day. It’s also finish the dreaded book that I always think about and wish I’d write but never do. 

Carol has four projects on the docket. 

Feel free to post goals here or deep thoughts or your bank account number. 

also, I highly recommend THE WAY WAY BACK for this weekend’s movie. We can discuss it after you’ve seen it. In fact, I’m going to post about it next week. Maybe in two weeks. That should give you all enough time to get to the theaters. 

love and marathoning. 


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Mom says her internet is out. But she is working on her August marathon goals. 
What goals do you guys have? 

I’m hoping to get a rough draft of a novel done {This is a big hope..but goals aren’t supposed to be easy, right?} and maybe do a fat rewrite of another something I’m working on. And of course, do my hour {at least} of writing a day. 


Good luck, everyone!

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