check in

Today I went to a body sculpt class and the girl kept yelling, HOW WE DOING???? and some people  would said yayyy. Then she’d say, THAT’S NOT LOUD ENOUGH! HOW WE DOING????!!!! and maybe it was a little louder. I personally did not want to yell or say anything because I was about to pass out and I hate yelling yayyy. So then she says WE’RE NOT STOPPING UNTIL IT GETS LOUDER IN HERE!!!!!!!! and I wanted to kill her.

That said, How we doing? 



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3 responses to “check in

  1. YAAAAAAY! Your sno-cone party really is motivating for me.

  2. working on finishing up that picture book. gotta be done this weekend, and then i want to start/finish one pb manuscript and work on novi. thanks for the motivation!


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