Just Keep Going…

Still no internet. Working anyway.
Have 4 projects to complete in our August Marathon Madness. 1 of 4 done. 1/3 done of second goal.
How about you?
Also. Any good internet suggestions?

Where shall we do dinner at the end of this month???? 



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3 responses to “Just Keep Going…

  1. Almost done with part one of my marathon, then it’s to Park City this week and a read through next week. Then I’m attacking the second goal. Bring it!

  2. Elise

    Hacking away. Staying on target 🙂 2 more chapters written and 2 more edited– just need to get on it today!

  3. I’ve been getting nearly 1500 words per day on a new project—most of it since Aug. 1. That’s with a one-hour timed writing. Why haven’t I been doing this all along? Yes, it’s a mess. Yes, it will take some major rewriting. But so does everything else I’ve tried, so what’s the diff??? I’ve been keeping up with the 1 hr/day with Michael’s master’s project and have been combining it with the 750words.com on-line challenge. Doing some extra reading on the side, and trying to spend a little time each day straightening out what I’ve already done. I’m mostly hoping this is creating a great “habit” on a daily basis! Not getting back to the WIP as easily as I’d hoped, and doing half the reading—but I’d already decided those two goals might have to yield to time, pressure, and the obligation to do the writing daily!


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