Today and Tomorrow

I sort of have internet. Iffy at best on my laptop. A little finagling and I can get online down here in the basement.

So I know Kyra will post today–but I wanted to remind you we have all today and all tomorrow until midnight to write, write, write.


I think I will be able to accomplish the 3rd part of my goal today and then I will try and remember what the 4th part is.



So, this is Carol signing out so I can first take my doggie to the vet, then go to the chiropractor (yes, my head it trying to get sick) and I’m supposed to meet a dear friend for lunch (if I feel better) and then late tonight another  meeting. But in between? I’m writing.

In fact, Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee and I have a writing date this afternoon before my final meeting.


Will it help you to write with a partner?

To eat the gummy bears?

To dig in and throw all the other duties you have (within reason) off to the side?


Pick your poison. August is flying by and we writers are making the most of it.






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7 responses to “Today and Tomorrow

  1. I think I’ll finish my first goal today and at least START my second tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

  2. Were the books at the top always at an angle?
    Random question, isn’t it?
    I hope you are seeing Ron, who is a magician. His name is in your daughter’s phone.

  3. benschwensch

    My major goal has been to write for 1 hour daily: Since 8/1/13, I’ve written 13,832 words on my current WIP; but since 7/28/13 the total has been 19,188—some of that was prewrite for the WIP, a small bit has been journaling. Additionally, I’ve written several blogs for ABC Writers Guild. By tomorrow, I’ll have completed my obligation to Michael Young’s master’s project. I’ve done a small amount of the reading I’d planned—but I said at the start that might have to go by the board, so I feel like I’ve MORE than met my goals. I had no idea I could actually write that much that quickly. And it IS becoming “habit” more or less. Thanks for keeping me at it and pushing!

  4. benschwensch

    WOW! Thanks, Carol. Don’t know what brought that on, but you KNOW you’re one of MY heroes!

    Meanwhile, I finally got Herb to try a self-motivator site for writing: – it keeps track of word count, gives you virtual “stickers” for meeting various levels/goals, and analyzes your writing after each daily session. That’s where I was doing my “hour per day”. He managed the 750 yesterday (his first try), and is working on it right now . . . but I’ll hug him for you on his next break, or when he finishes, whichever comes first! Then I’ll hug him for me!


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