Good News Tuesday

I loved reading about Ilima’s awesome success. She is such a strong and determined writer. I was blown away when I read a bit of her manuscript a year or so ago. Yay for good news!

My good news is that on Sunday my oldest son said, Mom, you are so cool because you don’t look like anyone else.

Immediately I was flattered and Immediately I thought he must’ve been talking about my hair because it’s red which isn’t all that common and also because it’s long which makes me look like a pioneer but a really nice pioneer. And on this particular Sunday I had taken more care than usual to do it: painstakingly blowing it dry, then loading fifty five thousand gallons of product into it and finally trying to achieve a subtle yet striking beach wave using a technique I saw online. It was sort of a big deal hair day.

If it wasn’t the hair, I was thinking it could be the dress. An old dress but a different dress with flowers and a belt and I was wearing pre-marriage spanx which I never wear because it hurts and why would I do that? But for some reason, on this Sunday, with all the work on the hair, I’d decided to be bold and strap myself in.

So it was a good looking Sunday for me and clearly it had paid off.

I said to him, So, how do I look different?

Cam was listening. The other boys were listening. We were all very curious to see which feature he was going to highlight.

He studied me and then said, Most people have really smooth skin but your skin is like, pretty bumpy.

I stared at him. Cam stared at him. I tried not to laugh.

Then he walked up to me and said, and you have like red dots, here and here.

He touched my face where I guess there were some pretty awesome blemishes.

Wow, I said, laughing.

Wow, Cam said, not laughing but sort of laughing.

What’s so funny? He said.

So then I was really laughing and he said what?

And I said, nothing. I just love you.

So you guys, I am unique and really really cool. And I love kids and that’s why I write for them.

What’s your good news?



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6 responses to “Good News Tuesday

  1. A couple of weeks ago I read that redheads will be extinct within the next 100 years. I’ve been thinking about this so much. I’m all for interracial marriages and families, but this makes me sad. I hope it’s not true.

  2. Allexis

    It is so funny that you posted this, because Saturday I was celebrating my anniversary in a fancy restaurant in San Francisco. Shortly after I arrived a couple was seated near me, and I leaned over to my husband and said I think that is Ann Dee from Provo. My husband didn’t know you well enough to say whether it was you or not, but the longer I watched her the more convinced it was you. I was so convinced, that I got up from my table and started to approach, when the waiter served this couple wine.
    I just want you to know you have an identical twin in the Bay Area with the same exquisite taste, mannerisms, and looks…unless that was you?

  3. I love this! I remember my brother telling my mom she looked like a witch. Kids are brutally honest, but because they’re honest, you can take compliments from them very highly.

  4. CLW

    I love that our kids love us, even with our many flaws.

    I swear, these last few months I have been a BITCH. Or should I say BITH? I have hated myself. HATED the way I have acted and how mean I have been and how I have cried and whined and whined and whined and begged and cried and been so tired and behind and have a big behind and huge gut and on and on. And still my girls tell me I am the best mother in the world.

    (BTW, I am repenting of being the BITCH/BITH mother.Trying to. It’s hard to hate yourself and be someone everyone wants to be around.)

    Anyway, Ann Dee, when we went to dinner I was thinking, “She is so beautiful.” I never noticed red marks or dimples. But I did notice how slender you are.

  5. benschwensch

    And I always see my beautiful friend, Carol, several times a year. But I’ve been worried this year, not because you seemed like the B****, but you seemed sad and distracted, even if you WERE still beautiful. And I knew some of the reasons you COULD be sad and distracted: you have had a VERY tough year . . . yet you STILL pulled of a WONDERFUL WIFYR, in spite of AND in the middle of it all! And that’s only ONE of the reasons you are so beautiful. Cheer up: you are one of the most loved people I know!

  6. Rachel

    You are awesome Ann Dee and I LOVE you!


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