A Little Bit of Love

So I was thinking about my Chicken Book–the book I loved writing–and I think I loved it so much because it had ROMANCE in it. In fact, it’s all about Drugs, Sex and RockandRollBaby. No, really.

I think every young adult novel needs to have a nice dash of romance in it.

And middle grades needs to have a bit of spice, too.

So it’s that time of year when I look in my SPAM box and see what I can glean from the cool stuff there. This time I will think about LOVE. And one can ALWAYS find LOVE in the SPAM.

And since I am thinking of putting a lot of kissing and stuff in the YA I’m working on, well, maybe some of these will inspire me. Or you! Please feel free to take any one of these. In fact, if you need a link, let me know.

1. Single Christians in your area are looking for YOU.

2. Meet singles over 50–It’s FREE TO LOOK.

3. Penis Growth Sample–Your package is set to grow.

4. Last more than an hour today

5. Force Factor–Free Testosterone Booster has Explosive Results

And my favorite:

6. Life is Short. Have an affair.

What makes A Perfect Romance for you?

I looked this up online because the internet has tons of great stuff, right?  There’s a book out there called A Perfect Romance, which is an adult novel that’s supposed to be funny (mixed reviews). There’s also a TV movie called Perfect Romance where a mom uses a dating service to help her–well, I couldn’t read any more than that and when I pressed on the link is said ILLEGAL stuff was happening.

Here’re some of the things I like in a perfect romance. And this is not mentioning terrific language and strong plot. Those are a given, right?

a perfect partner–there has to be some tension

a perfect kiss–there has to be lots of these

some hilarious stuff–and even more of this

some sad-ish stuff–but not like that one Louise Plummer lady writes!

Some naughty stuff–and don’t put your naughty stuff off-screen. Let us see it. Plus–naughty stuff depends on YOU. It doesn’t  have to be sex. Or even related to sex. Naughty stuff to me is sometimes a touch. Or a stolen vehicle.

Here are some links to check out to help you with your romance writing.



And then there’s this. All you have to do is fill in the blank.


And don’t you think we should all take a month–the same month (February????)–and all write our own romances? There probably IS a Romance Writing Month. But think of all of us writing our Fantasy, Contemporary, Dystopian, Mystery, etc together and then celebrating at a romantic restaurant. Yes, that writing marathon would be fun.

I’m off on my morning walk and to think about what sexiness to add to this latest ghost story.

One last SPAM help me.

You Got What I Want and Baby it Ain’t as Cheap as I Need but it is Way Bigger.

(Okay, I made that up.)


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4 responses to “A Little Bit of Love

  1. I want to write a romance today and in february. The SPAM helped a lot.

  2. I love the idea of romance in February, both writing one and having some. Food sounds good too.

  3. Kyra

    I’ll try writing the perfect romance even though I’ll never have it. ha ha just kidding.
    the spam is great. I need a bigger package myself.

  4. James NJ

    Woot woot. This blog is the bomb. Thanks for tolerating my comments. If I ever get too annoying though, just give me the boot. Your class was awesome though. Hope I can make an announcement here sometime. . . I more committed to school this time around though, so it might be a while. Not really thinking about law school anymore, but I’m gonna pop me out a novel one of these days, and it’ll be partly to mostly your fault. I haven’t quite decided. Well Happy School Days. . . See you round.


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