A Day of Accountablility

Olive Garden is gone!


I am not sure where it went.

So we won’t be eating there as a group.

We’ll need to come up with a new place. Where we can have a little room of our own. Suggestions? I’d like us to meet before September’s end.


Besides that awful bit of info–How did you do with your writing?

Did you achieve any of your writing goals?

Anyone finished with their books?

Starting new ones?

Has anyone tried meeting and writing with friends?


This past week, for me, had some wrenches in it. But after thinking for several days I think I figured out a problem with a  book I’m working on. And now it’s nearing completion. Just a few more rewritten chapters.

Then another big rewrite to be done by tomorrow (for another project).

And one small rewrite to be done by Monday.


What about the rest of you?


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2 responses to “A Day of Accountablility

  1. My writing has slowed down with the start of school but I’ve given myself deadlines by meeting with my writing group. I’ve also started doing story role plays over email with a writing friend. That’s helped me deal with writer’s block. It’s also helping me to get to know one of my characters that I’m not as familiar with.

  2. Do you have any tips for working on more than one book at a time? This week involved revisions on two and drafting one and my brain is fried.


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