For a snack and a writing exercise.

I ate a bowl of peaches in heavy cream for a snack just now.

List five things your MC eats.

If I were in a book I would eat

1. chocolate covered cinnamon bears

2. popcorn, gallons of it

3. eggs

4. fried zucchini

5. and peaches and cream.

Today I also had very frizzy hair

Does your MC have frizzy hair? How frizzy? How not frizzy? Draw a picture of your MC. 

If I drew of picture of me, you would see a big huge clown head. 

Which brings me to Halloween. Because I recently cut my hair (not too much but enough), I have decided once again to be Little Orphan Annie for Halloween. I was Annie for about four years in a row as a child. I also was Annie after I had my first baby. And one time in fifth grade I went to a maturation program and watched a video about little orphan Annie all grown up and a real lady. 
Maybe I’ll be grown up, maturation program lady for Halloween.

What will your MC be for Halloween? Write a description of their costume including where they bought it or how they made it, what their friends are going to be wearing, where they will be going, and how their costume will be received. 

And finally, today it was raining but I needed to walk my oldest to school but then it was POURING so I thought maybe we should drive but then for some reason driving feels so so hard and more of an ordeal than walking in the pouring rain. So I loaded up the two babies in the stroller with a inadequate cover and then I made the two older kids wear garbage sacks as ponchos. And then we ran to school, splashing through puddles and screaming. Me because I realized like three steps into it how dumb I was, soaking wet within seconds, my oldest because he thought we were going to get struck down by a lightning bolt, my next one because he saw the biggest puddle in his whole entire life, my two year old because I made him sit in the stroller and my baby because he is a baby.

What does your MC do when they have to go to school in the rain? Do they love the rain? Are they scared of it? Annoyed by it? Depressed by it? 

What would they do if their mom made them wear a garbage sack as a poncho? Would any teenager allow that? 

I think that’s all for now. 




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4 responses to “For a snack and a writing exercise.

  1. You realize that by doing everything you said to do that we will miss dinner tomorrow and lunch and breakfast. But it will help our writing skills by degrees of madness–I don’t know how many degrees, but a good bit. You’re an insane woman and you kids are so lucky to be there with you, being tweaked into being fabulous adults, one mad degree at a time.

  2. My MC loves sauteed octopus which is an obvious reflection of the author and NOT (I presume) a typical reader.

    Would you be willing to shave off all your hair to be a model for my book cover? How much money would it take for you to do something like that? (shave your hair off, not be a model)

  3. CLW

    I was lying in bed thinking I should get up and walk yesterday when i heard the thunder and thought, guess i won’t go because guess why? My grandmother was struck and killed by lightning (but someone saw the whole thing and got her heart going again) and so I have a deep respect for lightning.

    And I would NOT wear a garbage bag raincoat when I was a kid and I also refused to carry my bubble umbrella.

  4. I love chocolate covered cinnamon bears!
    Good post. I’m tempted to walk in the rain.


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