Just Another Manic Monday

Of course, Sunday isn’t really a fun day for some of us. But . . . I never noticed that these words are sorta dumb. So–are the words you’re writing dumb? Are they carrying weight? Doing what they should?


This made me smile and get all teary-eyed. We need to do our dance!

So, your writing needs to do what a movie does–all with language.


Some day remind me to tell you all about when I cut my own hair to save money.

Hmmm–could that end up in a novel? Use real life in your writing.



Make sure all your secondary characters are fully developed and not just in the background.


Anytime I am making out, I do it in front of an open window where my old boyfriend can see. Nothing should just happen in your book without a reason. And try not to force anything. Make the story flow in a  natural way.


When you play the drum–do it loudly.


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6 responses to “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. As a general rule, I always make out in front of windows. It just makes sense.

    • CLW

      I can kind of see your point. You think, “Hey, there’s Bruno Mars pulling a piano up the street. I’m gonna make out in front of the window.”

  2. Oh Carol, you make looking for the jewels such fun. And what jewels you scatter. Thank you. Right this minute I’m a better writer because I read this blog post. Keep reminding us.

  3. benschwensch

    When “Manic Monday” was first popular—and for quite a while—I thought they were singing “Just another man…it’s Monday.” So, even after I figured it out, I kept singing it my way.

    Oh, wait.

    Maybe that’s why I got my first divorce.


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