Monday, Monday

So last week my computer crashed.

That means we didn’t have two or three days of blog.


If I post today, it means I was able to make my laptop do its job.


So, I have been thinking about several things.

Yes, it was my birthday.

And I received two very nice cards. One card that brought tears to my eyes.

And that card made me think even harder.

About all kinds of things.


Like my family and my writing and my attitude.

Yes! I know it! No one has to tell me I have a bad attitude.

Plus the other crummy things about me (that I try to keep hidden but unfortunately my poor girls have to deal with).


So, the deal is I have just under a year before I have another birthday and I want to work like crazy to see if I can be a better person. Better on the inside and on the outside. Better in my health, and better in my thoughts. Better at the way I look at things.


I once went to a therapist. (Okay, I went more than once.) And I told her I have really bad luck. And she said, no, my bad luck was all in my head. Then she saw me on the news after a freak accident and said to me, I guess you do have bad luck.


But I have wondered if I bring that bad luck on me because of my stinky attitude.


So I want to work on that, too. I invite anyone to join me.

Because part of my change is looking at myself more professionally. If I do, maybe I’ll start making money as a writer. You know, enough to live on so I can quit worrying.


Here are my writing goals for October:

1. Write daily. Write 1000-2500 words per day.

2. Finish a rough draft of my funny ghost novel.

3. Try to write an outline for two other novels. Not a deep outline like J. Scott Savage does ( Just something loose that gives me ideas and direction.

4. Get all the conference stuff done in October so we can go live with the website on January 1, 2014.


Please share your goals or thoughts or dreams or whatever.

We still have to  think and plan for November and NaNoWriMo.

And after that, we have February when we will write our romance novels.

Then we’ll all be rolling with the homies.


PS I tried to send this and did it wrong so this post may be floating out there in WordPress land. 🙂


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4 responses to “Monday, Monday

  1. Late Happy Birthday!! I hope you ate lots of cake. 🙂
    I will help with the conference. Send me some stuff to work on, please.

    • Happy Birthday! I feel bad I missed it. I’m working on attitude, too.
      My goals: do two more good rewrites of my present book, plus polish up two short stories by November so I can do something for NaNoWriMo.

  2. Amy

    You’ve made me think…
    I’ve just come from a funeral. One of those funerals–no wait a minute, NOT one of those funerals that you always get. This one–this woman–was truly a gift. Rose colored glasses, well adjusted offspring, and talented and beautiful in her own right to boot. Hearing of her life made me want to be the kind of person that gets a posthumous tribute like she just got.

    But, sad truth–I’m much too neglectful a parent, too preoccupied with my own self, too overwhelmed with life to be that kind of a woman.

    Is it too late to attempt a change? I know I can never make up for what I have missed, but can I make small changes to become even a little bit more like this true paragon of joy, happiness, and good will? Maybe not. Maybe so? Maybe . . .

  3. I had planned that I’d be through with my contest piece by Oct. 1—not there yet. But I’m close. Maybe by tomorrow. And that’s the first draft, more or less . . . but then I’m letting it sit while I get back to my fairy tale.

    MUST write (which ever one I’m on) at least 1500 words a day—better, if I get 2200, but we’ll see. Must keep it up through October. EVERY, SINGLE, SOLITARY DAY ! ! !

    And take breaks to walk around the neighborhood, doing pushups on the backs of the park bensch—ooops, that’s BENCH. My fingers can’t type that word any more! And leg stretches, and calf stretches, and dips from the same bench. If it’s ICKY weather—gottta go over to the rec.. center. Need to lose 10 pounds by the 22nd. (But, may settle for 6, if I can do it).

    I’m getting some freelance editing work, so that’s a good thing. I’m trying to “cut down” some things, but I NEED to get more, immediately paying work too. What a dilemma!


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