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Day of Accountability

So, how did you do this week?

What happened in YOUR writing life?

I spent yesterday getting to listen to authors Chris Crowe, Ann Dee Ellis, and Martine Leavitt.

The day before I was with author Laurel Brady.

Today I will see Julie Berry and Alane Ferguson.


For those who are interested, Alane is doing a one-day conference tomorrow. Email me for information on signing up. Do it quick!


Tonight Julie Berry will be at the Provo library.


And Ann Dee and I MAY have decided what book we will write together.


This week I finished the book–and sent off a real draft to the publisher–that Cheri Earl and I are working on.

And Laura and I finished our book, too. And sent it off. Yippee!

I still haven’t started really writing. My computer has been doing weird things and when I took it to the shop to be repaired, they said it’s fine. I hope! I’d like to start writing a new book. And preparing for NaNo.


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