Three Things Thursday

1. Here we go! The end of this month will have a challenge to get us ready for NaNoWriMo which is just a couple of weeks away.

This is the plan: Five days out of every week (for the rest of October) come up with one book idea–one you have NOT written already–and jot down the plot points. Give yourself as much time as you can to think and play and develop. If you can get so close as to even sort of jot down chapter ideas, do. Can you do that–get a rough idea–in 30 minutes a day? If you write straight through that 30 minutes you might very well succeed.

What will happen? If you manage to play this game, including today, you will have 11 ‘plots’ to help you as you begin the huge writing endeavor that NaNo is.

My goal is to try and do two ‘plots’ per day. I am not a plotter. I never know where my story will go (generally I have a vague idea what the climax of a story will be and I write toward that). But I want to attempt to complete this challenge this month. It sounds like a fun experiment.

Having too many ideas is not a bad thing. Having too many great ideas is even better. Best? Having terrific ideas that you have pondered and sort of know the direction those ideas are going.

2.The Olive garden is NOT closed. Ann Dee will choose a time that is best for her and we will go eat at the Olive Garden. There we will each read 250 words (or less) of our newest book.

3. I’m checking with the Provo library for Tuesday afternoons or nights for us to get together for group writing time. If we can get a space and place, and if people are interested, we’ll try this monthly.

Is anyone interested?


Get a room, bring your laptop, your brain, and we will write together for two or three hours.


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5 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. I NEED something like this, so so so bad, so I can kick my butt into gear. but I work full-time, so my vote is for the evening on Tuesday. if we did it in the evening, I WOULD BE THERE. Please, please, please this happen!

  2. Oh, I NEED this. So, so, so bad! But I work full time, so I couldn’t do Tuesday afternoon, but I could do it Tuesday evening. So that’s my vote. Please, please, please let this happen! This would be the perfect thing to kick my butt into gear and force myself to create dedicated writing time. My butt REALLY needs kicking. please oh please oh please!

  3. Tanei

    I want to come on Tuesday nights! My husband has scouts until about 7:30. Please let me know the times you pick!

  4. benschwensch

    Sounds great—even if it WILL be all the way in Provo. {Still, I might make it sometimes!}

  5. oddstuffsart

    I want to do this! Count me in for writing times!
    And I like this plot-storming idea. I must start doing that now.


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