Well, hello!

Have you been writing ideas?

You should have two, with one more coming today.

My ideas are not fully fleshed out, but I am trying and playing and thinking.


More information to come this week.

But here is an idea for you–let today’s play-around-brainstorm-for-a-plot idea have to do with these ten words:

arc, light-weight, sudden, taste, runner, desire (or want), hidden, splash, fingertips

Write a couple of paragraphs using any or all these words.


Then start playing with the possibilities.


Filed under CLW, Exercises, Voice, writing process

4 responses to “Well, hello!

  1. Paige

    “Splash” reminds me that I have notes on a YA story about swimming. I should plot that one out.
    Thanks for the ideas.


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