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Day of Accountability

Last night, before sleep, I had a terrible premonition.

Then in the middle of the night I screamed so loudly (from a bad dream) I awoke Caitlynne.

The screaming in my sleep has been happening a lot. I’m not sure why. Before, I used to have a terrifying recurring something (dream? I’m not sure) that I was worried would continue after my divorce. That’s all I’m going to say.


Except–I awoke this morning with the beginning of my 100 word story.

And I know the end, too.


How are you doing with your plots?

Have you been playing? Preparing for NaNoWritMo? You should have 7 plots now. One for each day (not including the weekend).

I wrote down 16 plot ideas and have been fleshing them out as I have time.

My final goal is to have 20 completed, plump, story ideas by the time October 31 rolls round.


I have a post by Debbie Nance but can’t get it because Yahoo! is down. I will post ASAIC.


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