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My oldest son threw up lots two nights ago. It was sad and gross. 

Write about vomit. 

What does your MC do when he/she vomits? 

One time I vomited across Brigham Young University’s campus. I was with my new husband and he put garbage cans over the piles I left. I was so embarrassed and asked him to call BYU info and let them know that the randomly placed garbage cans were not random and that we’d come back and clean it up when I felt better.

He wouldn’t do it.

I hate to throw up more than anything.

Does your MC hate to throw up?

Cam fixed my website so that it no longer says that if you click on it your computer will blow up. I wonder if I’ll update that thing at all? I am very bad at things like networking, tweeting, kissing, gramming, etc. 

Is your MC good at networking? Online or in real life? 

One last thing: I want to make many pies this season but I also don’t want to. What does that mean? 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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It’s Still Monday

Did I write today?



Because I thought I could put it off.

And I could put the writing off.

For a long time.

Too long.

While I was cleaning out my closet and bedroom and doing laundry and scrubbing Mom’s bathroom and making her meals and thinking about Thanksgiving  and taking care of my mom and wondering why every house I rent is never cared for by the owners or renter people and etc.


I will awaken before the rest of the clan.

I will not check email.

I will not read posts.

I will write.

THEN I will do all the other stuff.

So there.

Question of the Day: Name three things you didn’t know about your character until Right This Minute.

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Kyra Leigh Does Three Things Thursday!

Three tips for writing?
I’ve never really done this before.

If you aren’t doing nano, focus on three pages of serious, intense re-writing. That’s what I’ve been doing. It’s been kicking my ass. But it’s been fun. I’m not much of a fan of the re-writing… but I’m glad to be doing it.

If you’re doing nano, why not have your character kiss someone in the rain? It’s been raining all week. Let’s not deny that a smooch in the rain is super fun.

If you are or are not doing nano, why not join a writers group! I joined one this week. I’m soooo excited about it. The girls in my group {the ones that I’ve met} are all sweethearts and great critique-rs. {Is that a real word??} I’m excited to have more motivation to write. And groups always help. Ask my mom. {Or maybe don’t…she stopped going to group with me ahah jk}

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Writing and Illustrating for Young readers!

Here is the first official announcement. We gots the goods on who’s coming June 16-20, 2014.

(More Info to Come. Please go to also. And feel free to ask questions.)

Keynote: James Dashner (!!!!)


2014 Faculty

Picture Book Ken Baker
chapter book, middle grade Shawn Stout
Middle of the Novel Cheri Pray Earl
Full Novel Lisa Mangum
YA Novel A E Cannon
Advanced Cynthia Leitich Smith
Advanced Greg Leitich Smith
Writer’s Boot Camp J Scott Savage
Novel Carol Williams
Novel Kris Chandler


Agents and Editors:

Shauna Rossano Associate Editor, G. P. Putnam’s Sons
John Cusick The Greenhouse Literary Agency
Michelle Witte Mansion Street Literary Mgmt
Amy Jameson (1 day only) A+B Works Literary Agency


Mini workshops:

Illustration Sherry Meidell
Character Development Robison Wells
Voice Ann Dee Ellis
Plot Jennifer Nielsen


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