Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

Kyra here.
Today we had our first writing meeting. As in we met, and we wrote! {I had to cut out early because I’m on a strict gym schedule, but still.}
Our first meeting we people showed!
I was there {but of courrrrse!} Mom {but of course again}, Robin, Toni and Carla.
I wish I could have stayed longer. But since I’m not doing nano {I’m re-writing, because I finished my novel on Halloween!} I only wrote 500 new words. BUT that’s 500 new words of rewrite. Which I’m kind of proud of since I only wrote for about an hour.
I’ll do better next time. And tomorrow.
I am changing my life. For the better.
 Something happened last week that made me realize I need more from myself. I can’t be lazy any longer. So I’m working on myself. So I can publish, play piano like I used to, do some sort of marathon thingy {Not for writing but for running. Actually for both} and eventually fall in love and have cute lil babies. {I’m getting old, guys. And I’m single and alone and single.}
I would like to start a writer’s group. Or latch on to a writer’s group. I need all the help I can get.
Someone join my writers group.
I am beat. But in a good way. I am so excited about my new self. I just gotta keep up the good work. And so do you guys.


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4 responses to “Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

  1. Kyra, if you want to join a writing group of former students of your mom, let me know and I can ask the other girls what they think. We meet every other week.

  2. Go Kyra! This post makes me all kinds of happy!

  3. you are awesome! writing! playing piano! strict gym schedule! you’re inspiring. 🙂 i realized when a taught a class on education and goals and learning new things that i am not meeting my goals i need to get my in gear and stop letting things that don’t matter rule my free time. so here’s to making ourselves better and accomplishing our goals! you can totally do it!


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