Three Things Thursday

1. Go here and read some terrific posts:

(I hope that works.)


2. Ask yourself “What does my character really want?”


3. November 12, 2013, Cheri Pray Earl, Manelle Oliphant and I are doing a signing for our JUST IN TIME books at the Provo Library at 7 pm. We’re going to speak for a few minutes, Manelle is going to sketch and there may be dancing. I SUGGESTED dancing but when I told everyone what they were to wear (one bubbles, one feathers, one fans) they quit talking to me. Please come see us as it’s always embarrassing to do a signing where people just ask to borrow your pen instead of talk to you about writing. And yes, that’s happened to me.



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2 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. If I come, may I borrow your pen?

  2. I will be there with bells on. Billions and billions of bells. Is this for kids? Or mostly writers, missy?


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