This has been going around on the internet about being a writer.  Do you agree with all of them?

Is this list encouraging or discouraging? 

If you made a top ten tips for writing novels from your nanwrimo so far, what would they be?

Also, Carol and Cheri were fantastic at their signing tonight. Made me want to be a writer. 



by | November 12, 2013 · 10:49 pm

4 responses to “

  1. I agree with several of them, but if I didn’t daydream, I don’t know if I’d have anything to write. I process things by talking and when I’m problem solving something that isn’t working in my book I always talk it through with my husband. And I think anybody can learn to write if they want to, and they read enough and write enough until it starts working for them.

  2. CLW

    I disagree with most of her suggestions. I think you should NEVER believe anything 100 % that says ALWAYS and NEVER.

  3. I seriously hope her first tip is wrong.


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