Dre . . .e . . .e . . .e . . . am, Dream, Dream, Dream Plus an Important PS

So this morning, early, I had two dreams.

Number One– Zombies.

I’m not kidding.


I don’t watch those scary movies, so why?

First part of the dream I was with Cait and we were in this mall where we had to grow and share food as a community and we were gathering our greens.  I had picked a few lettuce leaves and then I went to this plant–pineapple mint–I guess, and no one had touched it because it had pineapple fruit pieces hanging from it.

I tried one. Yummy.

Then all the zombies came in the mall and there were tons of them and I was fighting and fighting.

And they were slow-changing zombies because I bashed one in the head and she said. “Ow, now I have a headache.”

I awoke, scared.

The second dream I had to go and get a job and Ann Dee suggested I work for her rich friend.

And her rich friend was so mean to me, but I had to have the job.

She had a bunch of bratty kids.

And the woman kept running me down AND she was super stuck up.

Anyway, when she pushed out another stove I was going to have to cook on because she had so many kids (it was a gas stove), she said something rude and I can’t remember what, but I said, “You are such a bith (only I said the REAL word) and then I threw down the gas stove electric plug and said, “I don’t need your crummy job. AND, by the way, I am Ann Dee’s best friend.” And she said, “No, I am.”

I left.

So, today’s challenge–work a dream into your story.

PS I will NOT be at the library in Orem because I have a signing at the library in Provo. 7 pm.

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