Three Things Thursday

1. Shower Inspiration: Something to Try During NaNoWriMo

Perhaps you have gotten stuck in a place in your novel. You have no idea what to do. Where to go. How to move on.

So, dude (at first I said dud–which is how I sometimes feel when I am writing!), take a shower.

On Tuesday I was in the shower when I was hit with the beginning of the new novel Ann Dee and I are going to write together. The whole opening (very short) and the next scene. Right as I was showering. I wrote a few notes on the steamy glass then screamed for someone to please come here quick, please, hurry, with paper, please I am begging you, hello? where are you? anyone? ANYone? I need help and after about 25 minutes of crying in the wilderness  someone ran in (blindfolded) and jotted down the words for me (un-blindfolded).

This reminded me of an article I read of people who MUST write. All the time, Even in the Shower. And how there was a woman who had to write, no matter what, and had a special shower pen. The article ended with ‘just because she had to write didn’t mean what she wrote was that great.’

(not us, huh)

What do I need?

That shower pen.

Why am I telling you this?

At that tough place in your writing, try and relax. Let your mind do the work. Try taking a shower. Be prepared for inspiration, because it will come.

NOTE: I have been thinking about this book Ann Dee and I are going to write for some time. I’ve been letting my brain prepare me for this story.

ANOTHER NOTE: This almost always happens when I shower, or right before bed, or when I allow myself to just think without worrying. As my mom would say, “When I unlax.”

2. Question for Today: Your character has just discovered something very important. What is it? What does it mean to the story? Write to that a little in your word count.

3. At some point today I am going to include the covers to both my books coming out next year. And maybe re-include Ann Dee’s cover, too.

What would YOUR cover look like? Jot down three sentences that describe the way you think YOUR cover–to this NaNo book you are writing–would look.




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4 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. I’ve had a waterproof pen and notebook in the shower for a while now and I use it all the time. Seriously, it helps.

  2. Carol… remember me? Nancy? your long-lost buddy from UVU? I’ve been following you and your writing career… and I’ve inspired my students to read your books. (I’m teaching children’s lit for the first time in several years!). My students are begging me to invite you to come and talk to them… especially my 12 students in the Wednesday evening class (5 – 7:30). Any chance you might spend some or all of a Wednesday evening class with us, between now and the 18th of Dec.? If not, I can respect your schedule and deadlines, etc. (Sure would LOVE to see you, though!) Nancy Peterson


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