I might get kicked off the blog. I’m not sure but maybe. if i do, it’s been a good few years everyone. Thanks for the good times.

If I don’t get kicked off, here’s my writing epiphany for the day: today is a beautiful day. There’s rain. Laundry. Kids. Bad hair. Stomach-aches. Crying. A Kwanzaa workbook. Duplos. Leaves. Garlic. Toes. Hot Chocolate. And promises. So many promises.

I believe right now more than ever that we have to be in the thick of it. Live every minute hard and present. Only then can we write with our whole heart. 

I want to stop being in five places at one time (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) and focus on one thing at a time. That way my minute to minute life will be so much fuller whether I’m mothering, wife-ing, me-ing, writing, playing, crying, exercising or praying. Somehow, I have to stop the everything at once and be where I am at that very moment. 

Cheers to Nano and to my laundry. sos I mean xoxo



by | November 19, 2013 · 2:30 pm

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  1. CLW

    I agree 100% and this email is what i needed to read. Right now I can hear an ambulance going down the road. Those always scare me. And as I was reading your post I thought about all the times I have sort of listened to my kids while I tried to write or check email. I want to be in the moment, too.

    Won’t that will make each moment sweeter–to be there completely?

  2. Cheryl

    Beautiful post AnnDee! I’ve had this on my mind lately. It’s so easy to drift ever-so-slightly away from those rich moments.

  3. i’m trying really hard to do this! i realized the other day when mila said, “it’s been a mom day and you didn’t do anything with us!” and it was true. i cleaned, i cooked, i made lunch, i ate meals with them. but we didn’t do anything fun together. not that every day has to be filled with fun, but i do want them to have some time with me every day where they know i focused on them. it’s worth it. and so is the focus on all those other things, too. i’m working on the spiritual focus because i’ve been seriously lacking there. i’m rambling now. thank you for the great reminder.
    and you better not go anywhere. yours is the only blog i read anymore. 🙂


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