My oldest son threw up lots two nights ago. It was sad and gross. 

Write about vomit. 

What does your MC do when he/she vomits? 

One time I vomited across Brigham Young University’s campus. I was with my new husband and he put garbage cans over the piles I left. I was so embarrassed and asked him to call BYU info and let them know that the randomly placed garbage cans were not random and that we’d come back and clean it up when I felt better.

He wouldn’t do it.

I hate to throw up more than anything.

Does your MC hate to throw up?

Cam fixed my website so that it no longer says that if you click on it your computer will blow up. I wonder if I’ll update that thing at all? I am very bad at things like networking, tweeting, kissing, gramming, etc. 

Is your MC good at networking? Online or in real life? 

One last thing: I want to make many pies this season but I also don’t want to. What does that mean? 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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2 responses to “Today

  1. you worried about going back to clean it up! this story makes me like you even more. 🙂
    i hope the throw up is over at your house and you are all healthy and enjoying the week.
    pies are hard work. and so i’m searching for an apple crisp crock pot recipe so i don’t have to worry about the work but can still make my house smell good and say i “made” dessert.

  2. CLW

    Hahahahaha! That is so funny.
    Why were you puking? Cam is a good guy. That is true love.
    I once threw up in one hand while my baby nephew threw up in the other.
    I hate to puke, too.
    Also, don’t bring up puking when you are teaching the five-year-olds. I’m just saying.


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