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Three Thing Thursday–Writing Presents I’m giving myself for Christmas

1. I finished my class Tuesday night. For the final we did a reading at the Maeser Building at BYU complete with spotlight, red curtain, black stool and a microphone. I loved hearing my students’ final pieces. What they chose to read up on the stage in front of everyone. That kind of experience is transformative. After they read, they talked about something they learned. One student mentioned how through another classmate he got turned onto Billy Collins. I love Billy Collins. I forget about Billy Collins and poetry. For Christmas, I am giving myself permission to read more poetry.

2. In that class, someone said I reminded them of a girl on Seinfeld that Kramer was trying to hit on with Newman’s help. We watched the clip in class (I keep trying to find it and I can’t. Boo) and I forgot how funny Seinfeld could be. For Christmas, I’m going to try to laugh more. Lighten up and maybe have more fun when I write.

3. And finally, I had my students read this book. I ordered it blind off a list and I loved it. For Christmas, I’m going to read it again, more slowly, and write about reading it. 




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Kyra Leigh. Queen Bee.

So here I am again.
Even though the real writers are who you want to hear from.

Where is Ann Dee?
Where is my sicko Mother?

I guess you get to hear from me. haha

Christmas shopping and holiday spirit has taken a lot of my time .
But I’m still rewriting like crazy.

I even went to writers group on Monday. {it was fun. Not sure how I feel about reading my stuff aloud. sometimes I’m worried my comments are too harsh, and the other girls comments aren’t harsh enough ha ha}

I’m a hundred pages in this rewrite, I’m worried that it’s not going well. This is the first time I’ve actually read this novel.
What if it sucks?
What if it’s awful?

I guess I don’t know. Just keep writing I suppose.

Happy almost Christmas everyone. You won’t be hearing from me next Wednesday for obvious reasons. {Gifts and eggnog!}


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