Kyra Leigh. Queen Bee.

So here I am again.
Even though the real writers are who you want to hear from.

Where is Ann Dee?
Where is my sicko Mother?

I guess you get to hear from me. haha

Christmas shopping and holiday spirit has taken a lot of my time .
But I’m still rewriting like crazy.

I even went to writers group on Monday. {it was fun. Not sure how I feel about reading my stuff aloud. sometimes I’m worried my comments are too harsh, and the other girls comments aren’t harsh enough ha ha}

I’m a hundred pages in this rewrite, I’m worried that it’s not going well. This is the first time I’ve actually read this novel.
What if it sucks?
What if it’s awful?

I guess I don’t know. Just keep writing I suppose.

Happy almost Christmas everyone. You won’t be hearing from me next Wednesday for obvious reasons. {Gifts and eggnog!}


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