A New Year

Tomorrow is the last day of the year.

I am happy about this because 2013 was a bit exhausting for me. My life changed in so many drastic ways, some expected, some not expected, some wonderful, some awful, and all of them pushing me to places I didn’t know I needed to be pushed. It’s good though. That’s what helps me grow, right? That’s what enrichs my writing, right? That’s what makes it okay when I eat gallons of chocolate covered cinnamon bears, right?

For this new year, my goals are really intense and important. The first one is to make three ice cream cakes. I made one for my son this last week and it made me laugh and be happy. It also seemed harder than it was so people were impressed. I love to impress people. I might make one for you! So #1 Three ice cream cakes for the win.

My next goal is to find things. I keep losing things I just had in my hand. Like my wallet. Or my brush. Or twenty dollars. Recently it’s been my one and only rice bag that keeps me warm. It keeps disappearing and makes me feel crazy. I don’t know if this means I’m going to try to be more organized or more mindful. Either way, I’m going to stop losing things . . . maybe. #2 Keep my head on straight.

Goal number 3 is to write what I want to write. I hope to finish a long lost project and start and finish a new one. I want to write with my heart and for fun and let anything come and not worry about how it sounds or how it doesn’t sound and just play–one of my favorite things about writing that too often gets pushed aside. So goal #3 Finish things–and do this by not worrying so much. Play play play!

And goal number 4 is to write more regularly. I’m not teaching this semester so I hope hope hope I’ll have at least one night set aside to focus on the people in my head. I can’t lie: the people in real life are much much much more important than any person I create. And always real people demand more attention than the poor people in my brain. However, I have learned and I have said over and over, I have more patience for the real people when the fake people get a little time to grow. #4 Write every day.

And finally, goal number 5 is to be a better writer friend. I feel like I’ve dropped the ball this year on this area. I haven’t been able to go to many signings. I haven’t even been able to read many books. I haven’t been able to go to any conferences, or dinners, or writing nights. And I haven’t been able to read very many manuscripts, etc. I hope that this year I will be just a little more free so that I can be there for my friends. Because I love you and this community. And I feel like I’ve been in a cave. #5 Open my heart more.

That’s all for tonight I guess. Tomorrow I’m going to make gyoza for dinner and I’m going to make my kids watch The Sound of Music and I’m going fold laundry and I’m going to go to water aerobics and I’m going to kiss my husband and I’m going to dream big and happy and I’m going to write whatever my heart feels like.

Happy New Year everyone! Ice cream cakes for all!!!!!!!


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4 responses to “A New Year

  1. Wonderfully written.

    I like what you said in goal 4. The people in real life are so much more important than those we make up, but we can deal with them better when we spend time with the people in our heads.

    Eat as many gallons of chocolate covered cinnamon bears as it takes.

  2. Happy New Year, Ann Dee!

  3. i love your goals. they’re inspiring as are you.

  4. Good ones — I may “borrow” some of them. Or ALL f them!


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